Painting with Liam

I met 2-year-old Liam Bloomquist last weekend when I went to babysit him for the first time. His mother was in NY defending her dissertation at Duke and his father was working. He decided that he wanted to paint a picture for his parents while we were spending the afternoon together.

Springtime in Snohomish


Almost time for sunset in Snohomish, WA.


Ashe is ready for his run…and for his close up.


Ashe and Kyle on the trail


Ashe and Kyle looking at their shadows


Ready to run

Story Memo – First Generation Students

I had a few initial ideas for my project, but I’ve already changed my mind a few times. Currently, I am most interested in continuing to explore the possibility of creating a video slideshow about the mentors of first generation students. While as a narrator I intend to try and incorporate some of my own experiences, I don’t intend for my piece to be about me.

Who are our mentors: With as many first generation students as there are today, who do these students ask for advice about their education? Post-secondary education? Do they feel supported/alienated from their families with their education related problems?

Nearly 50% of college students are considered first generation
Nearly all of them are also considered low income
I feel like this story could be interesting to investigate because as a first generation student, I find myself unsure where to turn when I have questions about my education and what should come next for me. I’ve turned to strangers, to professors, and professionals that I trust; however, there is still that feeling of being overwhelmed and oftentimes alone in my decision making. I know a few first generation students on campus, I also plan on reaching out via social media to see who else may be open to being interviewed. I will also contact a few people that I have turned to for advice and ask others in my situation who they’ve talked to in order to better form my research.

Depending on the quality/quantity of interviews I am able to conduct, I think there is a lot of potential here to dive into bigger issues facing first generation students and/or uncover new perspectives.

Welcome to Washington

From CO to WA

January 2014 – Denver, CO


April 2014- Snohomish, WA








I moved to Washington from Colorado after I graduated high school. Though I’ve considered Seattle home since stepping off the airplane, I always get excited when I meet other people from the Denver area. This weekend, while out walking my dog, I ran into a Denver native and recent Washington transplant, Tuck Carruthers. I stopped to talk to him as he pulled up to the dog park when I noticed his Colorado license plate and huge dog (I’m a sucker for any dog over 90lbs). After introducing myself, he agreed to be interviewed for this project. Click here to be taken to the Soundcloud track.


So, when did you move to Washington?

My name is Tuck Carruthers and I moved to the Seattle area in the fall of 2013. August to be exact.

What inspired the move?

I came up here looking for some business and employment opportunities. I had a connection through a guy back home who used to run an office up here with Clear Channel Outdoor. So I got in touch with him to do some account exec stuff and sales and marketing.

How are you settling in?

Well, I just adopted a dog. She’s a six-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback. I got her from a shelter in Woodinville actually. I just picked her up the other day. Her name is Rox, she’s awesome. 

Did you know anyone living here before you moved?

Well, when I moved here I didn’t know a ton of people, I had maybe four or five connections and that’s grown a little bit, ya know, since work. I’m excited to have my new puppy.

How would you summarize your impression of Washington so far?

Overall, my experience here has been awesome. I love being close to the mountains I love being close to the water. I’m excited to have a new buddy of mine to walk around and explore all that stuff with.